Quppa Caffe is more than just coffee

What do you get when you have passionate foodies who travel across numerous countries in three continents to find a special selection of food that is bursting with flavors? That is the kind of dedication and hard work that went behind curating the menu and creating a unique atmosphere of open kitchen for their clients to enjoy. Quppa Caffe is more than just coffee experience, it is full of fresh flavors too.

Quppa Caffe was opened in Akaretler, Turkey in 2015. Moreover, they are among the third generation coffee producers. This includes some of the best and richest first class coffee experience like Chemex, Aeropress  and  Syphon. In addition to the classics such as Espresso, Americano, Latte  and  Mocha.

Apart from coffee they also have a variety of food and desserts that they offer. The menu is prepared by an Italian chef Geovani. This includes flavors of Italian cuisine and popular flavors of Turkish Cuisine.

The peaceful and comfortable ambience of the restaurant makes you feel like you are at home. They have a spacious environment and comfortable seating. It also has a beautiful garden along with the indoor seating area.


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