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The world never truly stops, not even during the pandemic. Since the Internet, the world has only become more connected and better equipped for different kinds of catastrophes. A lot of services are now translated online and the growth of the same has been exponential. In other words, since there are less barriers to online services and clients, the development and expansion is manyfold. The education industry is no exception to this. For instance, reaching beyond the boundaries – Tutor Doctor, aims to provide in-home tutoring service to remove the gaps in classroom learning. Their tutors and softwares help students of all ages, overcome challenges faced while learning.

Everyone can learn with the right approach

It all began when the vision of the founder who wanted to help kids who were struggling at school. His initial tutoring was so successful, that in 2003 he offered to franchise and Tutor Doctor was born.

Currently they have more than 600 territories in 15 countries. In addition, Tutor Doctor was named the No. 1 In-Home Tutoring Franchise by in 2016. Initially, it was founded as an alternative to the group teaching model commonly used. Their mission and vision is to make a difference in lives through education. They aim to achieve this with solid academic foundation and discipline.

Tutor Doctor is an in-home tutoring service provider that engages on a one-to-one educational support. They understand that every student has a different academic need and distinct learning style. Likewise, they do not just focus on the curriculum requirements, but also focus on the learning needs of the students. This includes task initiation, memory, attention and  inhibition of impulses.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages of engaging with Tutor Doctor, their in house software also aids to make learning easier. For example, the onlines classes can be recorded and reviewed later. This is particularly useful to revise before tests or assignments. It also avoids unnecessary loss of information, due to unforeseen disturbances while studying.

The simple and easy to use tools present in Tutor Doctor, helps both the student and Tutors to engage efficiently despite distance. Tutor Doctor has already seen an increase in the demand for in-house tutoring by 120% since the beginning of the year.

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