Relish your taste buds at Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now is an Indian Fast Casual Restaurant that began in 2009 in San Francisco & Silicon Valley. It is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding chain of Indian fast-casual restaurants in North America. Furthermore, it is well known for its creative take on classic Indian food. “Indian Street Food” with a contemporary touch.

By exclusively using fresh, locally sourced products, Curry Up Now shows that they care about their clients. Visitors are wowed by their wonderful meals. Akash Kapoor, the company’s founder and CEO, encourages his staff members and gives back to the neighborhood because he firmly believe in bringing happiness to the world through food.

Akash spent years developing the sauces, chutneys, and other dishes made in a professional commissary by Curry Up Now. Curry Up Now gives franchisees the chance to buy food directly from the commissary at the same price as the founders, increasing their chance of making money.

This prestigious network of Indian fast-casual restaurants rules the market because to its high volume and straightforward business style. Curry Up Now offers a menu of contemporary Indian street food that appeals to the American market without the need for a qualified Indian chef, in contrast to conventional Indian restaurants. Now is the moment to implement a streamlined supply chain, robust support, and a conversion-friendly approach.

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