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pizza maru

What if we told you that you could eat pizza and stay healthy? Would you believe us? Not only have we discovered a Pizza franchise that has patented a new method of dough making for pizza lovers, but they have also removed the price bubble of pizza through decreasing costs and increasing profit margins. This revolutionary pizza from Pizza Maru is what we are talking about.

About Food Zone

pizza maru

Lee Young-jon, CEO of Food Zone, has removed avoidable costs by decreasing huge amount of advertising and unnecessary delivery with a clearly differentiated item called “Green tea well-being dough.”

Food Zone is a leader in pizza franchise business with about 530 stores across the nation through launching Pizza Maru, a chain specializing in take-out pizza, which can provide low cost and high-quality pizza to consumers. Lee Young-jon has experience in all parts of the franchise business, such as cooking, service, marketing and management, with know-how accumulated in the process of running pizza restaurants from 1996.

He acquired a patent with functional well-being pizza dough containing organic green tea and chlorella and 12 kinds of cereals like rye, black rice, sorghum and wheat, cooking method and pizza for the first time in the pizza industry through continuously making R&D in the company research institute.

As a result, the company has secured more than 530 franchises in five years after its foundation and the figure is continuously increasing. In addition, the company established a franchise model though which Food Zone and owners of franchises can make win-win by securing stable sales.

Such efforts have helped the company be recognized by the government and industry. Food Zone was selected as an excellent franchise in the evaluation of franchise conducted by the government (Small and Medium Business Administration) in 2011. The company also was chosen as a “brand of this year” (two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011, organized by The Korea Economic Daily and Korean Customers’ Forum) and recognized as the best pizza brand representing Korea.

Lee Young-jon states, “I became to have conviction that I can make Pizza Maru be successful at any markets that consumers want based on my passion of over 20 years and success know-how of Korea. I declared 2012 the first year for advancing into the international stage.”

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