Samjin Amook – The Perfect Korean Fishcake Snack

samjin amook

Samjin Amook 삼진어묵 is a popular street food in Korea. They specialize in making fishcakes or “Amook” (which means “fishcake” in Korean). Amook is a popular Korean food made from minced fish. It was a very popular, affordable dish during the Korean war. They offer authentic Korean traditional cuisine.

As per their official website, Samjin means to look back into the past, and devote oneself to the present, moving on to the future!

Founded in 1953, in Busan, they are today the largest fishcake manufacturer in Korea.

Above all, they prepare more than 40 shapes, sizes and flavours of amooks. They are always fresh, hand-made daily, with majority of the ingredients sourced directly from Busan, Korea. That means no two amooks are exactly the same.

They offer various categories: Croquette (bestseller in Korea), Hot Deli, Amook, Special Creation, Good to cook at home. (To name a few!)

If you ever find yourself walking the street of Busan, most probably you will run into one of their many outlets. Their store concept is fishcake bakery, where customers see a bakery-style display of products focusing on take out. The average price is relatively affordable and that adds to its fame.

Halal Samjin Amook menu options

Samjin Amook also produces Halal products (source). Therefore, their factory for the Indonesian market uses neither pork nor lard. That means they are ready for Muslim franchisees, should they be reading those lines here!

Samjin has the longest history in fishcake industry in Korea. Over many long years, Samjin has dedicated itself to a highly efficient, high-quality production system. Samjin has 3 manufacturing sites in Busan, South Korea.

In 2011, Samjin changed the fishcake market trend dramatically. To turn around the public perception, they started bakery-style stores. They redefined “Fishcake” from unsanitary street food to sanitary high quality food.

On the other hand, Samjin supplies to wholesale markets such as Costco in the US.

Embracing their success in the Korean market, Samjin looks to take the next step toward a global market share.

Visit their website for more info.

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