Successful expansion of d-unas salons worldwide

No beauty treatment is complete without nail care. And if you love your nails then this could be the right franchise to pick. A place that brings the most highly skilled nail salon stylist to your service. This nail salon follows every precaution to sanitise and maintain the hygiene standards at every outlet in order to offer you the best nail care and beauty solutions. This has been an important factor in the successful expansion of d-unas salons worldwide.

d-unas experts in Nails and Beauty

d-unas was founded in 2005 by Mery Oaknin and Sandra Benzaquen. It is owned by the Spanish d-beauty group. Once they began their journey with their own centers, they soon proceeded to franchise their business model. d-unas is a European nail and beauty brand that offers high-quality service. This includes manicure, pedicure, traditional and semi-permanent nail polish and also face treatment and eyes beauty services. Moreover, they currently operate in 10 countries with over 160 salons running successfully. These 15 years of experience and customer loyalty are proof of the success of this exclusive business model within the sector, with a clear and unique offer from competitors.

Bringing you the finest beauty solutions

The specialization, innovation and introduction of improvements are a constant in d-uñas. In fact, they have adapted their range of products to a more natural line, free from toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

Their constant desire for innovation helped them create formulas for their nail products that are toxic-free. They believe that by using natural products they create a toxic-free atmosphere for the staff, customers and the environment. Therefore all the products that are used in their salons are manufactured in the European Union and come with high-quality standards.

“We do follow a Eco-Beauty philosophy. We have a strong commitment to beauty and health, both of our clients and our professional techniques and, in addition, we are highly aware of protecting the environment, ”says Mery Oaknin.

Expanding its footprint worldwide

The brand obtained positive results in 2019. For instance, it grew 20% in sales and profits compared to 2018, and opened 35 new salons. Of these 10 are in different cities of Spain, and the remaining 25 distributed by the 10 Latin American countries in which the company currently has a presence. This includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru.  As a result, it the first brand in this segment that has achieved a huge presence in Spanish-speaking markets.

Mery Oaknin, CEO and Founding Partner of d-unas, says that “We are very satisfied with our growth in 2019 and even 2020, as well as all the openings we have made during the past two years, because not only we continue growing through our country and rest of countries we have presence where we are operating successfully, but also because we are consolidating our entire network, with continuous and total support to each and every one of our franchisees. ”

In short, despite of Covid-19 pandemic, d-uñas franchise continued its growth pace in 2020, national and internationally, and now expects to continue opening salons in Spain, Latin American and Europe, and also in the United Arab Emirates, to be continue to be a leader in its sector.

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