Sultanchef from Ancient Land of Turkey

Steakhouses are usually associated with the American or Brazilian inventions. But the exotic and distinctive flavors in the Turkish cuisine and its various grills, claims a special place dedicated for itself. Sultan, which means royal, translates in its luxurious selection of the best cuts of meat, that is flavoured and presented to perfection. Sultanchef from ancient land of Turkey stands as a proof to the turkish experience of luxury dining with the best meat.

Turkish fine-dining steakhouse

Sultanchef opened its first branch in July 2014 in alTijaria Tower – Kuwait city. Since the opening of the restaurant, they have proved to be one of the best family and business fine-dining restaurants in the region. For instance, not less than 500 visitors come to the restaurant in daily bases. In addition, they are also gaining popularity on their social media platforms.

Their dedication to the concept of delivering the most luxurious Turkish barbeque meat experience will leave you feeling amazed. For instance, the stylishly decorated interiors in blue and gold, gives you a glimpse of the magnificent Turkish heritage. They maintain a constant vigilance over the quality of meat procured. Which means, they choose the best pieces of meat from special beef and sheep fed in the rich pastures. The quality of the pasture, the color and aroma of the meat and the way of slaughtering and keeping in special dry-age fridges are the key to their success.


Now they are successfully operating 3 restaurants in Kuwait, a branch in Oman, a branch in Qatar. Soon they shall operate in Egypt too. Across their five branches, they serve close to 1700 guests on average. They have close to 120 seating on an average in each branch. Likewise, they operate with about 60 staff per branch.

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