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Sometimes when I stare at the beautiful skyscrapers around me, I catch a glimpse of the window cleaners, dangling on ropes like a superhero on a mission. Ropes access enables them to do a variety of herculean tasks. This includes window cleaning to tower & building maintenance, from construction to oil and gas industry, and even event shows and even stunts. The superheros of Spider Style Rope Access, can solve any of your access challenges encounters.

Spider Style

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Below are a list of the variety of services that Spider Style offers.

  • Inspection, painting and construction on offshore oil platforms and power plants.
  • Window cleaning and repairing.
  • High Rise lighting maintenance and Aircraft warning lights maintenance.
  • Events rigging and installations such as banners, flags lighting and fireworks.
  • Maintenance on aerials, telecommunication and electrical transmission towers (pylons).
  • Cement coating, silicon, painting, and construction assist on stadiums, spires, and other unique shape structures.
  • Inspection, documentation and access to large building façades.

spider style

Rope access is considered one of the safest methods to engage in, as the control lies with the operator hanging on it. It has two ropes one as primary and other as back up for use. Further, they follow all safety regulations in order to achieve a zero incident mission. Moreover, at Spider Style, their equipment includes the best gear provided by Petzl, and Cousin Trestec ropes, the biggest and best rope manufacturers in the world. Further, for window cleaning solutions, they use a patent novel system delivering high pressure pure water for a faster and better wash. Above all, the rope access specialists from Spider Style are professional and well equipped with certified experience in their industry.

spider style

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