Taste the best at Kok Kee Wonton Noodle

Established in 1985, Kok Kee Wonton Noodle was founded by Hong Choy Ing and her elder sister, Hong Choy Chan, and is famous for its springy noodles mixed in secret sauce.

At the age of 13, Hong started working at a wonton noodle stall and soon fell in love with the heritage dish. With her years of experience, she decided to concoct her very own wonton noodle sauce. Coupled with her strong beliefs in traditional cooking methods, authentic flavour and fresh ingredients, they created Kok Kee Wonton Noodle.

Her first humble store located in Lavender Food Square soon gained its popularity for its authentic, truly old – school Singapore wonton noodles. Serving food from the heart, the dish also gained the loyalty of many Singaporeans, with different generations of customers traveling from island wide for a taste of the traditional dish and their signature handmade wontons.

Since moving to Foch Road in 2019, Hong, together with her two sisters and daughter, continues her daily preparation using the freshest ingredients and serving their simple yet delectable wonton noodles to familiar faces. Today, Kok Kee Wonton Noodle has been acknowledged as “One of the Best Wonton Noodle in Singapore” by various local food critics and mainstream news and media outlets.

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