Tea fit for a King – Gong Cha

Gong cha” in Chinese means to offer the best tea to the Emperor from all possessions. It represents the highest quality and self-expectation.

Established in 2006, Gong cha has been appreciated by its customers, relying on good words of mouth and unique customized services originated in Taiwan. From then on, the story of Gong cha has widely spread, and Gong cha has become one of the best-known quality tea providers in the world. Nowadays, Gong cha has blossomed in more than 20 regions.

1996Initiating tea drink business, devoting in product development.
2006The first Gong cha store opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2009The first oversea outlet in Hong Kong opened. Gong cha started to expand its global market share.
2012Gong cha introduced fashion tea drink into Korean market, and created a modern tea shop culture.
2013 – 2014Gong cha was voted as the most popular F&B brand in Singapore and Korea.
2017Gong cha opened on Majestic Princess, becoming the first tea beverage brand cooperates with world-class luxury cruise lines.
2019Gong cha was introduced to the UK and became synonymous with popular tea, both fashion and classics.
2021From Taiwan to the world, Gong cha celebrates over 20 regions worldwide. The Gong cha Daegok store in Daegu, South Korea became the 1500th store, which is an important milestone in the development of Gong cha.

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