ThaiExpress: A Thai Culinary Journey for Everyone


ThaiExpress is a modern casual Thai culinary dining, started in 2002 from the city of the lion; Singapore. Since its inception, ThaiExpress branched out to 50+ restaurants in countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. They are looking for more countries to enter with the help of devoted franchisees like you.

Thai Culinary Specialties

ThaiExpress has been serving an array of Thai culinary specialties, ranging from appetizers to main courses, beverages, and desserts. It aims to create pleasant dining experience for diners while satisfying their cravings for Thai food. The culinary philosophy of balancing between traditional Thai cooking and modern flavour remains the key to the brand’s success.

Thai culinary specialties

Thai culinary specialists

ThaiExpress success started in Singapore, becoming the national favourite Thai casual dining restaurant. The brand has captured the hearts of food lovers with its original Thai culinary recipes and delicious Thai comfort food.

Thai culinary in Singapore

Not to be mistaken with the other Thaï Express in Canada, ThaiExpress’ first franchisee outside Singapore was in Vietnam. It has since shown great success over the years. The brand has established a firm foothold in the land of the Blue Dragon, managed by two master franchisees: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. ThaiExpress has captured the hearts of people from all walks-of-life with its timeless Thai culinary skills and recipes in Vietnam.

ThaiExpress Business Proposition:

  • Operation Excellence – Ready-to-replicate portable business model
  • Culinary Support – Trained chefs will be stationed at franchisee’s territory to impart the original Thai culinary skills
  • Minimized Risk for market entry

Type of Franchises Offered by ThaiExpress Internationally:

  • Master Franchise Opportunities
  • Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

MSC Thai Cuisine Academy

The MSC Thai Cuisine Academy was formed in collaboration with Thai Iron Chef Chumpol Jangprai. Together with ThaiExpress’ professional management and training team, franchisees receive continued support.

Great learning facilities for franchisees

Great learning facilities for franchisees

ThaiExpress franchise opportunities are available in these countries: Bahrain, Indonesia, KSA, Kuwait, Malaysia, Middle East, Oman, Qatar, UAE and the whole world.

Ready to become a franchisee? Get in touch with ThaiExpress Brand Manager: Troy Franklin –

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