The exceptional growth of the Minuteman Press

The ability to draw qualified individuals from all walks of life to own and run centers has allowed Minuteman Press print, design, and marketing franchise business to see outstanding success over the past 40 years. Since the beginning, they have taken great pride in the superior quality and level of service that they offer to business owners. They have maintained a distinctive position in the face of industry evolution by providing the goods and services that every organization requires on a regular basis.

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The origin of Minuteman Press was considerably more modest than its current, well-known status. Roy Titus, the founder of Minuteman Press, oversaw a sizable business for Parents Magazine. Roy found himself interacting with printers on a daily basis and ended up encountering far too many instances of missed deadlines, subpar quality, and terrible service. Roy realized he could perform a unique role in the printing sector where quick turnaround, superior quality, and exceptional customer service were always prioritized.

In Plainview, New York, Roy Titus and his son Bob founded Minuteman Press in 1973 as a quick copy shop. Even though the company expanded swiftly, Roy was worried that it would eventually face the same restrictions as other quick printers. At that point, Roy made the decision to launch Minuteman Press, a one-stop, full-service facility that could handle all of a company’s printing requirements by leveraging brand-new print technologies created by the 3M Company.

The prototype Minuteman Press center opened in Farmingdale, Revolutionary York, in 1974 using these new methods. The company grew more quickly than anticipated by expanding into the high-quality printing sector and carving out a distinctive niche for itself. Then Roy put up a number of additional locations, which also witnessed rapid growth. Roy viewed this rapid success as a big opportunity and decided to begin franchising.

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