The History Timeline of Byrider

With more than 150 locations around the country, Byrider is the top used car and loan franchise of its kind in the US. In order to give the franchisee the most control over their used vehicle business and the freedom to sell to the clients they deem qualified, our organization blends vehicle sales, servicing, and financing.

The car dealer no longer needs a loan to close the deal thanks to the Byrider franchising model. You will be acting in the dual roles of lender and retailer, giving you unprecedented power over each car transaction. Being a lender and retailer at the same time offers a wonderful business plan that will maximize your return on investment.

1979 – Marion, Indiana, was the birthplace of the revolutionary idea that would eventually become the Byrider chain. Jim DeVoe Sr. developed the idea while co-owning a Chevy-Cadillac dealership with his father. The requirement that led to Jim DeVoe’s creation of his vision.

In the late 1970s – When borrowing rates were high and new automobile sales were declining, many blue-collar workers in small Marion needed a vehicle to commute to and from work but were unable to obtain financing for one. Jim decided to help folks obtain dependable transportation even if they were denied standard bank funding.

1979 – Jim created a business plan that would enable his dealership to compete in the buy-here-pay-here market by providing customers with automobiles and finance in one location, making it simpler to beat the competition and benefit his neighborhood. Due to his success, he created the Auto Credit Seminars, which he used to demonstrate how to succeed in this market to hundreds of other dealers around the nation.

1989 – Jim’s desire to franchise his idea gave rise to the Byrider brand, and he launched his first facility.

1993 – The business relocated its corporate headquarters to the Indianapolis region, where it is still located today.

2019 – Byrider is relaunching with a new corporate vision: Be the consumer’s choice in assisting people in obtaining a new opportunity to finance and own a high-quality vehicle. The largest network of buy here pay here dealerships in the United States, Byrider, has sold more than 1 million vehicles at more than 150 sites nationwide.

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