The Legacy of Fatburger

The legendary Lovie Yancey and her husband founded Mr. Fatburger, a three-stool hamburger establishment, back in 1947. But they went apart in 1952. She was tenacious and eventually got rid of “Mr.” from the name, making Fatburger her own. They began their journey towards becoming a household name when celebrities began to frequent The Last Great Hamburger Stand. She worked 18-hour days and turned Fatburger into an icon.

She wanted to send her customers the message that her burger was a full meal, hence the name Fatburger.

Although a lot has changed since the 1950s, Fatburger hasn’t altered. It’s the spot where patrons of all faiths congregate to eat the same delicious burger that was lovingly prepared using Lovie Yancey’s time-tested recipe: a huge, fat patty that, when doubled, tripled, or quadrupled, creates a Fatburger. Also, they always have fantastic music playing, and their locations are bright and clean with a somewhat retro vibe.

The Fatburger way is to keep things straightforward as they strive to meet the same high standards of quality that Lovie Yancey did back in the day by handcrafting each Fatburger to absolute perfection using only the finest ingredients. Not just the Fatburger, either. They use excellent hand-scooped ice cream in their milkshakes. Their fat fries are cut thickly and fried till they are glisteningly golden.

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