The legend of Edible Arrangements®

Edible Arrangements® has a rich history that unfolds as a testament to its growth and innovation. Here’s a journey through some of the brand’s significant milestones: 

1985: Sweet Sixteen At the age of 16, Tariq Farid purchased his first business, a flower shop named Farid’s Flowers, while still in high school. This early entrepreneurial venture set the stage for his future endeavors. 

1999: A Fresh Idea Driven by a healthy obsession with fruit and leveraging his insight from the floral industry, Tariq Farid introduced a groundbreaking concept – fruit bouquets. The very first Edible Arrangements store opened its doors in East Haven, Connecticut, offering a fresh and unique alternative to traditional gifts. 

2000: Traffic is Good for Business A chance encounter changed the trajectory of Edible Arrangements. Chris Dellamarggio, intrigued by a sign, detoured to visit Tariq’s store. Impressed by the Edible fresh fruit bouquet, he convinced Tariq to franchise the concept. This marked the beginning of the brand’s expansion. 

2001: One Year Later… The first Edible Arrangements franchise store opened in Waltham, Massachusetts, signaling the successful replication of the innovative fruit bouquet concept. 

2003: Edible Arrangements®, Eh? Edible Arrangements expanded its reach to Canada with the opening of the first store in East Toronto, marking the brand’s international presence. 

2004: First Timers Edible Arrangements earned recognition, ranking 446th on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, a testament to its growing prominence in the franchising landscape. 

2005: Sweet Support The brand showcased its commitment to social responsibility by introducing the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, featuring pink chocolate. Edible Arrangements donated 10% of sales from the collection to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the U.S. and partnered with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada in 2006. 

2006: Our Kind of Town The 500th Edible Arrangements franchise opened in Chicago, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s expansion across the United States. 

2007: We Moved! Edible Arrangements relocated its corporate headquarters to a new campus in Wallingford, Connecticut, reflecting the brand’s growth and evolution. 

2008: Ready for Our Closeup The brand launched its first-ever national television advertising campaign, contributing to increased visibility and awareness. Additionally, Edible Arrangements introduced an adorable line of arrangements designed for kids of all ages. 

2009: Edible Arrangements introduced the “Frutation” grab-and-go concept in select stores, offering a variety of quick and tasty products such as fruit smoothies, juices, and salads. 

2010: Happy New Site! The brand welcomed the new decade with the launch of its revamped website,, enhancing the online customer experience. 

2011: 1,000 Stores and Counting Celebrating a significant milestone, the 1,000th Edible Arrangements store opened in Cranston, Rhode Island, accompanied by a “Thousand Store Celebration” event. 

2012: Social Butterflies Edible Arrangements achieved a Facebook milestone, reaching 500,000 “likes” on its brand page, demonstrating a strong social media presence. 

2013: HERO’S WELCOME™ The brand introduced the Hero’s Welcome program, supporting military veterans in pursuing franchise opportunities. The initiative aimed to help veterans achieve their American Dreams through specialized training, fee discounts, and mentoring. 

2014: WHEN YOU’RE 15 Edible Arrangements celebrated its 15th anniversary with exclusive special offers for customers and a vibrant birthday party at its corporate headquarters. 

2015: EDIBLE TO GO® EVERYWHERE The brand expanded its offerings with Edible To Go®, providing personal-sized fresh fruit treats on-the-spot, including fruit salads, parfaits, chocolate Dipped Fruit™, Edible Pops®, fresh fruit smoothies, and Froyo Fruit Blends™. 

20??: The Future With an eye on the future, Edible Arrangements teased upcoming developments, keeping customers intrigued about what the brand might unveil next. 

Edible Arrangements’ journey is marked by continuous innovation, social responsibility, and a commitment to providing fresh and delightful gifting experiences. As it looks ahead, the brand continues to evolve and surprise its customers with new and exciting offerings. 

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