The Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

The Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) is a brand name specializing in western casual dining seafood concept. It was started by 3 young entrepreneurs in 2002 in Malaysia. The trio managed to secure a loan and invested RM60,000 to open their first MFM outlet back in 2002.

In the beginning, the founders did all the work by themselves; delivery, slicing the fish, cutting, cooking, mopping the floor, experimenting with the menus, touching up the décor and so forth. It took them 7 years to start making steady profits, but it was all worth-it.

The Manhattan Fish Market name was inspired from the famous Fulton Fish Market, which used to be located below the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, US. The Fulton fish market was well-known for its diverse collection of the freshest catch of the day.

The Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

Through trials and errors, fixing disasters as they appear, the founders opted to implement the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into their business by observing other successful companies. This enabled them to go into franchising and expanding into new territories.

Through strict supply rules, MFM managed to be synonymous with the freshest of produce, offering a warm and relaxing ambience while the staff top off the experience with memorable tableside service.

MFM now has restaurants in Asia and the Middle East, starting with Malaysia then Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bangladesh, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Jordan and Maldives. Some of our readers may remember the amazing reception MFM received in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) upon opening their first outlet there through their Master Franchisee.

Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) dish

So far, MFM has never failed in any country and the founders are working hard to keep it that way. They attribute their success and regional popularity to their fresh, flavorful and innovative offerings.

The only way to stay alive in this business is by constantly upgrading oneself to stay relevant and ensure business continuity. -George Ang, MFM Founder.

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