The story behind Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Pizza franchises are never out of trend. And good pizza franchises keep growing. Mountain Mike’s has been steadily expanding one of the biggest regional pizza businesses in the country for the past forty years. They are now prepared to raise some noise. They are a leading, California-based family-style pizza chain with more than 270 restaurants throughout the Western U.S.

Great food, family-friendly experiences, strong relationships to the community, particularly with local sports teams, and franchisee satisfaction have been the foundation of our success. Our growth has been organic. Numerous multi-unit franchisees of their brand are investing in more restaurants as a result of the success they have had with the brand.

They are currently building on the brand’s success by introducing fresh initiatives to fuel growth going forward. Working with new franchisees to expand Mountain Mike’s into Southern California as well as Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, and Oregon is one of those objectives.

Mountain A winning blend of operational experience, franchising skills, and a high-quality product can be found at the Mike’s Pizza franchise. They are constantly looking for seasoned franchisees and development partners who are enthusiastic about profiting from the $46 billion pizza market.

Story behind Mountain Mike

Chris Britt and Ed St. Geme, friends and co-owners, attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, for their undergraduate studies. They both have many happy memories of the first Mountain Mike’s Pizza, which debuted near to the campus in 1978.

Naturally, that was back when it wasn’t a chain, explains Britt. “Of course, this was before it became a chain,” says Britt. “Then you fast-forward almost 40 years later, and lo and behold, it’s a chain. We had a chance to acquire it. The product is the best in the industry. We jumped on the opportunity to own this fabulous brand immediately.”

They were enthusiastic not only about Mountain Mike’s decades of successful expansion, but also about the chance to add some genuine franchising expertise to a company whose expansion had entirely been organic. Just a few years after Britt, St. Geme, and Metevier assumed leadership, we’re prepared to advance our successful franchise.

They are firm in our commitment to serving “Pizza the way it ought to be” and to making a significant contribution to the community in which they are situated.

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