The story of AdvantaClean

AdvantaClean was founded in 1994 as a result of a sincere desire to assist individuals in reestablishing their lives following Hurricane Andrew, which devastated South Florida. With almost 200 sites across the country, AdvantaClean is based in Dallas, Texas. Originally established in 1994 as a contracting company in Winter Park, Florida, with a focus on emergency loss mitigation services and building and home structural repairs.

The business established a second location in Charlotte, North Carolina, in May 1995. AdvantaClean expanded quickly, and in just three years, it was named the 33rd fastest-growing small business in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Beginning in 2000, the AdvantaClean franchising scheme accepted existing company locations as corporate stores. Over the following six years, investments in infrastructure and technology were made, creating the foundation required to run and support a successful, nationwide franchise network. The first corporate stores were subsequently sold to others in 2006 using the AdvantaClean franchise business model.

AdvantaClean franchises were made accessible to the general public in 2008 following years of learning and perfecting, and the first store opened in 2009. AdvantaClean has enjoyed tremendous success since 2009 and has won numerous accolades for its growth rate, franchisee satisfaction, and support systems, including a #3 ranking by Franchise Business Review in the “Low Cost Franchise” category.

In 2011, AdvantaClean sold its 50th franchise, and in 2012, it sold its 100th. GQR Global Markets Inc 500.jpg AdvantaClean has been mentioned during this period in numerous national media, including Inc. 500 Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Business Fleet magazine.

For residential, commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities, AdvantaClean maintains a whole range of services that make these buildings clean, safe, healthy, and effective for the residents. Offerings include necessary services including air duct cleaning, emergency water removal, and mold eradication.

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