They say life begins after breakfast at Broken Yolk Cafe

The Broken Yolk Cafe is a beloved breakfast institution that has won the hearts of food enthusiasts across the United States. Its story is one of humble beginnings and a commitment to serving delicious, hearty breakfasts.

The tale of Broken Yolk dates back to 1979 when the first cafe opened its doors in Pacific Beach, a coastal neighborhood in San Diego, California. Joe and Sinh McCafferty, the founders, shared a passion for good food and a dream of creating a welcoming space where people could enjoy a wholesome breakfast experience.

The cafe’s name, “Broken Yolk,” was inspired by an incident where a cook accidentally cracked an egg yolk while preparing breakfast. Instead of discarding it, they decided to use the broken yolk in a unique dish, and it turned out to be a customer favorite. This serendipitous event symbolizes the cafe’s spirit of innovation and making the most of unexpected opportunities.

Over the years, the Broken Yolk Cafe gained a reputation for its generous portions and diverse menu offerings. From classic American breakfast staples like omelets, pancakes, and waffles to creative concoctions like breakfast burritos and benedicts, they catered to a wide range of tastes.

As word of mouth spread, the Broken Yolk Cafe’s popularity soared. Locals and tourists alike flocked to experience their delicious breakfasts, often resulting in lines out the door. This success prompted the owners to consider expansion, and in the following decades, they opened multiple locations across California and beyond.

Despite the growth, the Broken Yolk Cafe remained committed to its core values of quality, hospitality, and community. Each location retained the warm, family-friendly atmosphere that made the original cafe so special.

Today, the Broken Yolk Cafe boasts a network of restaurants in various states, continuing to serve breakfast lovers with their signature dishes and friendly service. Whether you’re craving a classic morning meal or an innovative breakfast creation, the Broken Yolk Cafe remains a go-to destination for those seeking a hearty start to their day, all thanks to the McCafferty family’s dedication to good food and great hospitality.

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