Today I choose Joy Cafe and Confections

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Every moment in our lives we have an opportunity to choose. And today I choose Joy Cafe and Confections, which promises to deliver joy in every bite of their food. Relaxing and ambient interiors and a perfect location, that is inviting and relaxing is a good way to set the mood for a memorable evening with your loved ones.

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Joy Cafe and Confections

Joy Cafe was started as a home business in 2012. Subsequently, they established their first outlet in 2014. Currently, there are four operating outlets located in prime locations in Kuwait and Dubai. They serve salads, appetizers, sandwiches, pasta and a wide range of main courses to choose from.

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Joy Confections specialise in desserts with a variety of options to choose from. This includes, desserts, cakes, ice-creams, bouquets and gift items for special occasions.

The company’s vision is towards global expansion and brand awareness. They serve multicultural middle to high-income customers. The size of a typical Joy Cafe outlet is between 100 square meters and 400 square meters and the average orders per day are 350 to 600. Most importantly, the company strives to offer delicious, fresh and unique food with the best hospitality practices to its distinguished customers.

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