Tom N Toms, the first 24-hour coffee in Korea

From a humble beginning as a local coffee shop, they have grown and expanded all over the world. Introducing Tom N Toms which opened their first café in 2001, in Seoul, South Korea.

24-hour Coffee in Korea

Tom N Toms (official link) started a movement in Korea by operating the first 24-hour coffee service in the country. Afterwards, they introduced the first coffee roastery that provides fresh coffee beans. That made Tom N Toms Coffee among the top 5 coffee brands in South Korea.

Now, it has over 500 branches in 9 different countries worldwide including: the United States, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, China, Mongolia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Qatar.

TOM N TOMS in Qatar

TOM N TOMS in Qatar

Starbucks of South Korea

Some call it the Starbucks Coffee of South Korea or the K-Pop version. Tom N Toms Coffee wants people from all over the world to enjoy their Korean-influenced dishes such as coffee, tea, pretzel, and honey butter bread. Many of TOM N TOMS’ outlets include unique features such as 24 hour opening times and private business rooms that can be reserved for serious meetings.

Furthermore, TOM N TOMS also develops special recipes that appeal to local communities and lifestyle. Their international branches add local foods and cuisines to their menus. Branches will play K-Pop music but will also cater to the local taste.

Spreading Happiness Around The World Through Coffee

Spreading Happiness Around The World Through Coffee

However, what they are known for the most is their wide selection of pretzels. Their list of snacks include: muffins, pretzels stuffed with ingredients varying from pepperoni to shrimp, tortilla pizza, cinnamon caramel butter toast, and bingsu.

Moreover, their list of drinks include: voconut milk cappuccino, sweet potato espresso, fresh grapefruit tea, pina colada smoothie, Italian sodas, Oreo TomNccino, red bean latte, sweet potato latte, and more. Should you visit one of their cafes, make sure to try their cinnamon mocha iced coffee!

“Spreading Happiness Around The World Through Coffee” TOM N TOMS Slogan

Through their slogan, TOM N TOMS express their desire to become a source of energy that brightens up the lives of every one of their customers.

“Every morning I drink the Tom n Toms Calamansitox mixed in ginger tea. I can feel all the impurities in my stomach disappear.” -Buyer review on amazon

Needless to say, TOM N TOMS USP is their 24-hour coffee service. Appreciated the most by frequent flyers as many online reviews would tell you.

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