Wayback where respect is the heart of everything

Everything they do is based on respect. With a goal to bring people together through a shared love of comfort food in order to foster a culture of belonging. They also offer opportunities to grow relationships and provide a welcoming environment for people from all backgrounds. The “Way” is where their mission gets started. It represents the way they handle customers, assist franchisees, source our goods, and pledge to act morally.

What is the story behind the Wayback?

Wayback Burgers was first established in 1991 as Jake’s Hamburgers in Newark, Delaware. It represents the inner “rebel” who may not eat their vegetables but ALWAYS holds the door open for grandma. Wayback is truthful and direct, reflecting their Visitors: diligent individuals who value straightforward, uncomplicated things. It’s a place where everyone will feel welcome and at ease. With a homage to how things were “back in the day,” but with a modern touch, it feels revived—young and vibrant.

The brand expanded to 10 locations by 2008 and started franchising. The business made the decision to rebrand and alter its name to Jake’s Wayback Burgers in 2009, anticipating rapid growth. The brand, now simply known as “Wayback Burgers,” has expanded to more than 160 sites in more than 40 nations.

Since the beginning, honesty and simplicity have served as two of their guiding principles and have helped create both their menu and company strategy. As a result, even during recessions and pandemics, the franchise system has consistently grown year over year.

Their current headquarters in Cheshire, Connecticut, is where they work to build a place where everyone can feel at home. This includes their Franchisees, Visitors, Partners and Community.

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