Wienerschnitzel – Worlds Largest Hot Dog Chain


Hot dogs, a steamed or grilled sausage served in a partially sliced bun have been America’s favorite food for years. The love of hot dogs has spread far and wide across countries and can now be found in any corner of the world. Wienerschnitzel – Worlds Largest Hot Dog Chain, is a worldwide franchise chain that has been in business for over 50years. They have perfected a secret chili recipe to smother on these hot dogs that will have their customers coming back for more.

World’s Most Wanted Wiener

Wienerschnitzel was founded in 1961 in Southern California by John Galardi. John wanted his restaurants to stand out from the crowd so that’s why he specialized in hot dogs while others were focused on hamburgers and tacos. He called it Wienerschnitzel instead of something like John’s Hot Dogs to get customers’ attention, it sure did. Being proud to be unique is one of the values the company still lives by today. It’s also still run by the Galardi family. His wife, Cindy, is the CEO, his son, JR, is the President and all franchisees are considered part of the WienerFam.

WienerschnitzelWienerschnitzel specializes in Chili Dogs, Corn Dogs, Chili Cheese Fries and a Tastee Freez® soft-serve menu. This American company was founded in 1961 and commenced franchising in 1963. It has been a privately-owned family-run business ever since.

With 330+ restaurants throughout the Southwest United States, it’s beloved for its friendly service, fun personality and unique fare. As demand for hot dogs grows globally, Wienerschnitzel is aggressively planning international development.

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Wienerschnitzel Wienerschnitzel

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