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Kunefe is a well known Turkish dessert. This is a crispy sweet made from vermicelli-like shredded Kadayif noodles pastry that stuffed with cheese. They top it with syrup and some crushed nuts. But at Yesil Kunefe, you will see the sweetest form of green on a variety of mouth watering dessert.

How it all began with Yesil Kunefe

yesil kunefe  1986 – Yeşil Künefe Unlu Mamülleri Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.’s foundations were laid by Abdurrahman Usta in Urfa Sarayönü. Later that started to grow on künefe and kadayıf sweets in Kayseri by his son Hacı Usta.

2011 – Yesil Kunefe opened the first branch in Köşk. They entered the market with the philosophy “value for money”. Ever Since they have grow in numbers with their commitment to serve the best quality sweets to their customers.
 2014 – The traditional recipe and mastered by the son from the father, resulted in preserving the original taste combined with innovative flavors that suit the current trends. They started production and sales of Baklava and Antep Katmeri in its branches.
They currently operate in 6 cities and 14 branches.
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What is their secret to the best tasting desserts

 They use only the best and fresh ingredients in their products. This includes Urfa’s sheep plain butter, Urfa & Antep region’s super gray kernel, Beet sugar and Antakya cheese. Most importantly, all these ingredients are produced exclusively by local producers for their company.
For any franchising query, please visit Yesil Kunefe Franchise.
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