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What is fruit tea? It is an incredible infusion of fruit flavors. It mostly consists of dried fruit, herbs, leaves, blossoms and petals. Fruit tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Moreover, it is an excellent detox and immunity boosting drink that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Though the origins of fruit tea is from the East, it is well known and enjoyed all over the world. Yi Fang Fruit Tea‘s Authentic Taiwanese Flavor is prepared fresh and with organic ingredients that will leave you with a memorable experience.

Where does the story if Yi Fang begin?

Yi Fang Fruit Tea

Yi Fang is the name of their founder’s great-grandmother. She was married to a young farmer and helped cultivate pineapples for three generations. One day she had an epiphany to create  a homemade jam from an overripe pineapple. This was the secret ingredient to their fruit tea. Ever since, it was recreated with homemade organic cane sugar, seasonal fresh fruits, natural ingredients (zero concentrated juice and no artificial flavors).

Yi Fang Tea was founded in Taiwan in 2016. Later they commenced their franchising in 2017.

Yi Fang Fruit Tea Franchise Proposition:

Yi Fang Fruit Tea

  • Yi Fang Fruit Tea offers a delicious product with no concentrates or artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Besides they also offer strong branding and well-developed systems and procedures including quality control systems for the products and ingredients.
  • A well-developed education and training program are also included.
  • Yi Fang Fruit Tea builds strong and lasting relationships with its international franchisees Provide good after service to the customers.
  • Good quality control on the ingredients.

The team of Yi Fang Fruit Tea pays great attention to selecting the right ingredients and looking after every single detail. As a result, Yi Fang Fruit Tea has grown to over 1000 tea shops across the globe including 65 in Taiwan.

Yi Fang Fruit Tea combines two gems of Taiwanese culture and brings back fond memories of the unique traditional culture of Taiwan.

Yi Fang Fruit Tea Yi Fang Fruit Tea

For any further information please contact Yi Fang Fruit Tea Brand Manager: Troy Franklin – troy@worldfranchiseassociates.com

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