Yoogane – Korea No.1 Chicken Galbi Brand


Yoogane (website) is one of the most famous Dak-galbi (Chicken galbi) brands in Korea. It serves a tasty and spicy stir fried chicken dish with gochujang, vegetables, and rice. Chicken galbi has been recognized as popular K-food for those who love the Korean Cuisine. Yoogane offers multiple variations and sizes of this famous dish. They also switch out chicken for beef or seafood.

The story started with with the establishment of a “Botongjip” chicken galbi restaurant in Busan, South Korea, circa 1981. “Yoogane” was the name, a cost-effective F&B brand that even busy students and office workers with light pockets can easily prepare and eat. Yoogane is Korea’s representative chicken rib brand that has grown with the love of customers for 40 years.

Enter the Yoogane

Yoogane has creatively reinterpreted the familiar chicken galbi. Different from the local menu, they developed a new taste of chicken galbiby grilling instead of traditional roasting. Every table in this restaurant-chain has a grill in the center. Food buffs would order and then a server brings a large pan to cook the ordered food in front of the hungry customers. They can feast on the unlimited amounts of pickled vegetables and the spicy soup with small pieces of vegetables.

They set themselves apart from other chicken galbi competitors with their own unique blend of sauces and seasoning. It’s a nice twist that encourages customers to talk about and share with their networks, spreading the word even more.

If that’s not enough, they also offer Korean-style sandwiches. Worth trying are their Double Spicy Cutlet, Bulgogi MVP, Bulgalbi MVP, Hot Chicken MVP, Shrimp MVP!

Yoogane has established its F&B brand as the top choice for those looking for a quick yet delicious, filling, and cheap meal.

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