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Fighting Fat has been a constant battle for men and women around the world. Balancing delicious food with healthy options is harder than it sounds. ZEROFAT as the name says it all, is for those looking for delicious and healthy food options.

ZEROFAT aims to become the support system to help everyone who aims to adapt to a healthier lifestyle without compromising quality, taste, and time. The success of ZEROFAT is defined by the profound change in every customer’s quality of life.


zerofat zerofat

2016 – ZEROFAT AL AIN   

ZEROFAT opens its first restaurant branch in February 2016 in Al Ain, targeting to reshape
the community’s vision into eating good food.


True to its mission, ZEROFAT recently opened its 2nd branch in Dubai due to insistent public
demand for catering, not just healthy food but gastronomically delectable as well.


ZEROFAT is taking the lead into influencing the society to switch into a new direction of a healthy lifestyle by opening its 3rd branch in UAE’s capital – Abu Dhabi.


ZEROFAT opened its doors to 7 emirates by providing meal plans anywhere in United Arab

zerofat zerofat


ZEROFAT is lead by a group of talented and diverse individuals with over 30 different nationalities from all sorts of different backgrounds; with one vision and one goal – to spark and initiate change. They have 250 employees who drive the team with hard work and passion. Their services include a restaurant, meal prep and catering. Moreover, every ingredient is freshly picked, no preservatives, no MSG, no sugar, no transfat, and prepared with perfection.

“The company’s success lies behind employees who unleash their creative potential by creating opportunities. I believe that at some point every employee could make a difference by taking the entire organization to a whole new level.” – MOHAMMAD AL HASHMI FOUNDER & CEO

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