Webinar Archive June 2021

Julien Siouffi
Highlight on French brands
Moderator: Julien Siouffi

Expert digital & franchise, Member of the Franchise Board

Time: 19:30 – 19:45 (UTC +4, Dubai Time)


Julien Siouffi is a specialist in franchise development strategies, who advises franchisors and future franchisors at each stage of their deployment.
He is also the Digital & Franchise Expert of the College of Experts of the French Franchise Federation. He participates in developments in the sector and its practices.
He has been active for almost 20 years in franchising and has learned with passion in all positions. He worked as a franchisee from 2002, leading the best unit in an international network of 1,500 points of sale. Since 2010 he has been working for franchisors, where he has performed most of the functions. This includes management, animation, communication and training.
He is the founding member of the Franchise Board, which has 9 companies specializing in franchising assistance, and 50 employees. Since 1987, they have supported more than 1,000 networked companies. Moreover, they have built multidisciplinary and digitized solutions adapted to the contemporary network environment.
His ambition is to bring the new developments of the franchise model to the digital age and evolutions in customer relations

Skander Alexandre Klila
THE PANO CONCEPT: Example of an international franchise
Speaker: Skander Alexandre Klila

International Development Manager, PANO Sign’ Service

Time: 19:45 – 20:00 (UTC +4, Dubai Time)



Skander Alexandre Klila is in charge of the development of the PANO dealer network in Africa and the Middle East. He has specialized in Business Development, Project Management and Entrepreneurship, has been able to develop agencies in different countries in direct collaboration with Mr. Frédéric MORLIER, President and Founder of the worldwide network of signage experts.
For them, a successful franchise concept has no borders. On the contrary, it feeds on this variety.
This is why they have decided to present a concept that is exported throughout the world, with more than 150 agencies today.

Mr. Thierry VEIL
Speaker: Mr.Thierry VEIL

CEO, Bagelstein

Time: 20:00 – 20:15 (UTC +4, Dubai Time)



Mr Thierry VEIL, 55 years, French, graduated from Institut Commercial Supérieur de Paris (1990) and a Certified Public Accountant. In 1990, he joined the world leader in financial auditing Price Waterhouse, where he spent eight years as an auditor and then as an internal consultant detached to the World Board. He has worked in the offices of Strasbourg, Paris, Noumea, London, San Francisco.

In 1997, he joined the Racing Club of Strasbourg Football (Ligue 1) as CFO and quickly became General Manager.

In 2008 he developed a sushi restoration concept including the delivery and take-away sales years before Deliveroo (3 points of sale) going up to €2.1m of turnover before developing the Bagelstein concept.

Bagelstein was created in 2011 and faced a fast growth becoming an European leader in the fast casual bagel market. Strong with 107 European stores in 6 countries, the brand relies on a strong Swiss investor (Migros) allowing an ambitious worldwide development.

Mr VEIL and his partner have a structured team of 180 workers to hold the development. Not only they become a reference in the Franchise World, but they stand for a strong moto : “everything we sell is home made !” Therefore the fresh daily food delivery gives the customer an unforgettable experience turning to a key factor of the brand. But in addition their memorable communication is another key success factor. Maybe that we do not deserve these awards but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve it neither (J Benny) !!

Q&A Discussion

Time: 20:15 – 20:30